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I'm A Badass Caption: I can haz 手机看片小2b, style or anything that is valid markup :)

Orbit is going to be the easiest slider you've ever hooked up. Below are the steps, but for more detail checkout the 夸克不能在线观看.

  1. Get some markup like this in your page:

  2. Activate Orbit. You can embed the call in the specific page like this:

    ...Or you could just put it in the app.js file if you're using that.
  3. You can even apply the class .slider to the div that contains the slider (Only For This Theme). The default slider uses the same method.

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Tabs are made of two objects:a DL object containing the tabs themselves, and a UL object containing the tab content. If you simply want visual tabs (as seen in this documentation) without the on-page hookup, you only need the DL. If you want functional tabs, just be sure that each tab is linked to an ID, and that the corresponding tab has an ID of tabnameTab. Check out these examples.

Note: The third tab is using the to hide on small devices.

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Most of the documentation is by the Zurb Team. It's awesome & I'm thankful that they wrote such thorough documentation for an open source project. Most companies would never do that.