Stationery industry of China was formed in long-term development process " small product, big market " characteristic, concentration is spent inferior, the market still is in a fragment to change positionFor the word that uses Zhang Jiajia, "Bought goods is more, the money below the province is more "The report says, imported April 388This assault fortified positions involves many industries and field, time all rises from July 1 on the whole, specific include: Marine coating and production of coating of ground level ground, sale and use should satisfy new publish executive national product requirement of standard of harmful material set limit toAttention of major stock orgnaization is spent taller, po Lai is medicine of case of stationery of Ming Kangde of the elegant, medical treatment that stride luck, medicine, dawn, peaceful, Oriental pluvial rainbow all have grade of 30 above orgnaization; Portion of bolus US stock, China measure detect, Shanghai home is changed wait to all have grade of many 20 orgnaizationMeanwhile, on June 6, OPEC+ organizes each member country to agree will 5, the extent of reduction of output June is lengthened to in July, act of a series of this reduction of output aid those who pushed oil price to rise on certain levelEconomic structure respect, southwest negotiable securities thinks, although 2 quarters economy is mixed,appear on the market company profit is slow already pick up, but the structural sex problem that exists in economy before was not solved, the look forward to after epidemic situation is pounded is firm it is look forward to of a kind of weak force firm2019, nimble Ni Saisai carries car of concept of the G90 below the banner, GV80 and Mint3 money model to appear on exposition of the 2nd entrance, the Chinese name that published Genesis brand " nimble Ni Saisai "After July 1, according to " double random, make public " mode, begin execute the law the action, amount to mark to discharge to cannot be being stabilized, do not satisfy the company that controls a demand without the organization, depend on lawfully compasses give punishmentThe test that drives automatically, try operation area to have strict regulation

Next, consideration product or the setting that whether company business has fall to the ground

When science and technology superintends director of bureau the first to be appointed to an office to accept media to interview, ever expressed, will take the lead accelerate compose to build capital market science and technology to superintend big data platform, drive compose to build science and technology and the intelligence with business shirt-sleeve deepness to superintend

Basis " plan of assault fortified positions " , the country will be installed with besmear of petrifaction, chemical industry, industry, pack presswork and oil is tasted store transportation and sale for key domain, attach most importance to bit of canal to charge a boy or girl friend with group of industrial garden area, industry and key enterprise, strengthen strong to actinic reaction active VOCs material control in the round

7% compared to the same period, respectively relatively go up month of year of the corresponding period, 1~4 rises 0

On one hand, so-called close to " 100% be the lucky number " new 3 board will formal open is newThe world is defended


The country develops innovation appoint issuance announcement is clear,The whole world that raises a cost from manufacturing industry is occupied than looking, at the beginning of 21 centuries, beautiful day is occupied respectively 27% with 17% , china is occupied about 7% ; And instantly turns to be occupied respectively for beautiful day 17% with 7% , china is occupied about 30%


2014 " cold water is round " incident brings about 800 million yuan of scallop " run road " , bait makings was not worth starved to death and many scallop 2017, briny temperature change brought about scallop 2019 again a large number of lossesTo the south of soft farsighted gallop for exemple, its are based on framework of AUTOSAR(car open system at was being released 2019) NeuSAR 2